Our Process


Step 1: Consultation

Let’s chat. Let us know what you want. We’re here to listen. You can tell us anything about your next remodeling project. In return, we’ll give you a free quote.


Call (206) 466-4648 or Email us to schedule an appointment.

Consult when you’re free.

Please leave us an email with your phone number and the most convenient time to call you.


Step 2: Estimation

Let’s meet. We can arrange an in-person appointment based on your convenience. Then, we will discuss a comprehensive free estimate and proposal with you.


We will carefully discuss your written free estimate and proposal outlining the materials to be installed and the scope of work.

Step 3: Project Installation

We’ll get started. We’re rolling our sleeves now, but before we start, we’ll connect you to a dedicated project manager. The project manager makes sure that work progresses as planned, and entertains related queries that you might have.


You can add value to your home without breaking the bank by installing high-quality siding.

Actual Assembly: We can do an actual assembly of a detailed quote.

Step 4: Final Inspection

Let’s check. At the end of the project, our site manager walks you through the completed work. Here, we explain what we did, what features and functions you can enjoy, and go over care and maintenance.


At this point, we await your final seal of approval. Our job is complete when you are delighted with the outcome.

Step 5: Feedback and Warranty

All done! We’d love to hear your feedback. Why don’t you post your review on any of our social media sites? We’ll also be happy to answer your questions about warranties, siding maintenance, and what have you.

How we can help you?

What does siding do for a house?
Siding helps shield your home from insects and insulate it from harsh elements of the weather. It can also help extend your home’s interior and overall infrastructure, which deteriorates with the wear and tear of the environment.
What are the popular types of house siding?
The 5 most popular types of house siding are vinyl siding, wood siding, metal siding, fiber cement siding, and insulated siding. Contact us to discuss your next siding project, and get guaranteed professional results.
What services does United Siding offer?
We offer home remodelling services ranging from siding installation, replacement, to repairs. We also ensure top siding performances that best your preference and budget. We even assist our clients purchase all materials without hidden charges.
Do you offer perks and discounts?
Take advantage of unbeatable deals from our top-quality household partners, and other siding suppliers. Plus, you’ll get full access to a project manager, who will deliver weekly progress reports of your siding project.
How do I estimate siding cost?
Siding installation cost ranges between $6 and $12 per square foot. You should also consider the most durable type of siding, materials, and other construction cost. We work with you on getting the best pricing for your budget. Contact us now for a free estimate.
What if I can find a lower price for construction?
Sounds great! We would love to work with you in matching the price they quoted you. We do offer our high-end materials as standard for all of our remodels. If you were quoted with more affordable materials, we will match the quote for installation to ensure an all-in-one, renovation experience.
I already have a contractor, can we still work together?
Yes, as long as you haven’t started work yet, we are able to provide materials and installation for the specific trade. In that case, we would love to meet your contractor and if the experience goes well, work with them on future customer projects.
Who do I talk to if problems come up during construction?
TOV Siding has your back through the entire home renovation experience from design to materials purchasing, all the way through to completion of construction. You are always welcome to speak with your Project Manager as a “source of truth” and escalation point in case anything goes wrong or you have any questions.
How does payment work?
After the contract is signed, we take a 50% deposit which covers your design and allows us to kick off your project by ordering materials. Once construction has started, you will be billed after each trade has been completed and verified. This will continue to completion of the entire project.

Scheduling An Appointment

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